AV Integration

=UPSYS= AV integrator

  • Consultancy for designing new projects and/or upgrading existing solution
  • Design and develop room automation system (domotic)
  • Integrate AV hardware and software for meeting room

iPad Template

Our latest RTI template dedicated to home theater allows you to personalize your experience by choosing your background and jog.

A luxury product should be capable of inspiring a deep connection, or resonance, with the consumer.

A premium product means better quality.

You can have both by choosing our full customized template on RTI products – we provide a unique experience by designing personal screen templates such as your favorite movies, favorite cars, …


iPhone Template

iPhone template is similar to our iPad template but optimized for smaller screen.

Actually, all our templates are consistents – iPad, iPhone or any other remote controls will give you similar experience and interaction.

Remote Control Template

Here is a sample of integration on a dedicated  T4x RTI remote controle.

The T4x allows Two Way communication, this means in addition to send request/command to your favorite devices, you will also be able to see the status and information from them.