MAG Theatron – Polish Distributors And Dealers Event

Hello there!

Today, I had the honor to welcome 18 distributors and dealers from Poland.
It was a great moment with very professional and nice people.

This event was organized by MAG Audio/Theatron (Jerome and Maks) to showcase the exceptional MAG Theatron speakers and amplifiers.

UPSYS DemoRoom has been designed with a main focus on performances – this is the main reason why our DemoRoom was selected as showcase.

Special thanks to all my Poland friends 😉

CU soon!

MAG Theatron SB21 – First step in Trinnov WaveForming

Hi there,

We are trilled to announce our first step in the Trinnov WaveForming adventure.

Our DemoRoom will be one of the first optimized theater room for Trinnov WaveForming in Belgium.

This is result of our great collaboration with MAG Theatron and Benchmark AV.

The DemoRoom has received 2 new SB21 (powered by a Mag Theatron TDC-3200W) – Installation has been carefully done following the Trinnov Subwoofer Layouts Guidelines.

Someone says “insane”?  😀

See you soon,

MAG Theatron – Dummy S6

Hi there,

We have received a MAG Theatron S6 diagonally cut – anyone can now see how those speakers are designed: impressive, solid, state of the art!

We are so proud to work with such an exceptional company delivering one of the best home theater real cinema at home experience.

I remember a discussion with some representatives wondering how MAG Theatron could deliver such top of the shelve performance at that level of price… they were right, those speakers has the best price/perf ratio in the high end market.. that’s the reason why we choose MAG Theatron for our DemoRoom.

And some great and exiting news are coming – I can’t tell you, but it does rhyme with « wave forming ».. stay tuned!

And don’t forget, you are always welcome for a demo.

See you soon,

PS5 is now available in our DemoRoom – Gamers welcome!

Hi gamers,

Did you ever dream to play on a 3.2m base screen in 120p – in one of the best Dolby Atmos experience – with outstanding seats?

Then you are at the right place !

As most of Home Theater passionates are also gamers, we decided to setup a PS5 just for you!

This is unbelievable how our current set-up bring the gaming immersion to another level…

SpiderMan is waiting for you 😉

And don’t forget, you are always welcome for a demo.

See you soon,

New R_volution PlayerOne in test..

Hi there,

We are currently testing the new PlayerOne from R_volution.

Definitively, we love this app – it proposes the best overall experience: simple, beautiful and exclusive animated background and music. This is definitively a great step forward, and it’s only the start…

We are also testing the new R_video app for Zappiti, very easy to install – don’t hesitate to ask your questions to your favorite integrator.

And don’t forget, you are always welcome for a demo.

See you soon,

HCM Atlas Home Cinema Seats are there !

Hello there,

We have just received and installed our new Home Cinema Module (HCM) Atlas cinema seats!!!
Confortable and ergonomic, those seats are so incredible!
Best value for price without compromise.

And don’t forget, you are all welcome for a demo.

See you soon,

Our first RTI Template release!


We are proud to announce our first RTI template has been released for iPhone, iPad, all Android devices and of course for RTI T4x, T2x and T2i Remote Control.
For our UPSYS Demo Room, we have selected some Marvel’s Iron Man backgrounds..

CU soon,


David from Trinnov at UPSYS Demo Room

Hi there,

Today we had the great honor to receive David from Trinnov and Philippe from Benchmark AV.

As David was in Belgium, they took the opportunity to visit our DemoRoom and see if our work was at the level of their expectations.

And I think they were not disappointed 😉

Thanks to Trinnov and MAG Audio, the =UPSYS-AV= DemoRoom is really impressive!